"I have been a patient of Clear Sounds for about 8 years wearing my second pair of digital hearing aids. They are very caring and competent, and provide excellent testing and service for their hearing aids indefinitely. I would recommend them highly."Marilyn W.

As a dissatisfied wearer of very expensive hearing aids, I was delighted to find Clear Sounds as a new resource through the internet. I made an appointment and they exceeded all my expectations. The service I received from their specialists included patiently trying to find the proper hearing aids for my particular hearing loss. Based on their thoroughness, their attitude regarding “what is right for the patient” and their “after sales” follow-up and support, I would heartily recommend them to anyone in need of hearing aids. Thank you Clear Sounds for helping improve the quality of my life. My wife and family thank you as well!" 

Richard J.

"Despite my professional years as a practicing psychologist in a variety of health care settings, I citely resisted accepting the reality of my own increasing difficulty with hearing in noisy settings, theater performances and even watching television programs with others. My ‘mild-to-moderate” loss of hearing seemed preferable to the difficulties I imagined hearing aids might mean. My vanity about “conspicuous evidence of ‘aging’ also made me hesitate to explore possible benefits of improving my own precious ability to communicate more fully and comfortably. My tentative appointment at Clear Sounds proved to be an amazing revelation. After a complete diagnosis of my specific hearing problems, I was explained the variety of technologies that could restore or enhance my hearing. I chose devices that are really unnoticeable to others while boosting my ease and pleasure in ordinary conversation, at lectures and other large settings.

Maintenance issues are handled courteously and promptly by the caring, competent clinical team of Marina and Millie. The support staff, Vera and Maya are gracious and attentive to patient needs as they arise.

I am grateful to have found their clinic when I finally decided to look into this complicated medical/personal problem of hearing loss. I wish I had done it sooner."

Jan D.

"I love my hearing aids, and their service is superb. They see me for follow-up without extra cost anytime I need to come.  Millie and Marina are great!"

Frank Z.